Nutrition Bites - Stay Healthy During Flu Season!

Marathoners, training starts soon! We are 16 weeks out from race day-don't let cold and flu season hurt your game! Here are some ways food can help you stay healthy:
  • Drink fluids through the day. Like I mentioned last week, your drive for thirst might be less than you feel it in the heat. Staying hydrated will help you train better, in addition to keeping you flu-free.
  • Pack in those fruits and veggies: It's not just the vitamin C here, my friends. Fruits and veggies are packed with all sorts of different nutrients that aid your immunity.
  • Cut out Crash Diets: These super low calorie diets can compromise your health.
  • Get your vitamin D: Sources include fatty fish (salmon, sardines), fortified OJ, dairy and cereal, egg yolks and mushrooms.
Already feeling down? 
  • Ginger can help combat nausea
  • Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory¬†
  • Stay hydrated and make sure to get plenty of rest.
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