Nutrition Bites - Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather is upon us. Raise your hand if you'd take rosy cheeks and a cold nose over a puddle of sweat any day. Anyone else feel like they don't break as much of a sweat in the winter?  While there are a lot of factors that contribute to fluid loss including individual sweat rate, length of exercise and clothing worn, it may feel like you're not losing as much fluid as in warmer months because sweat dissipates into the cold air quicker than in the heat. You also might not be craving an ice cold water after a workout because colder conditions don't stimulate the drive to drink like hot ones. However, your body still needs fluids to keep you healthy! Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day in order keep everything from your muscles to your immune system working well. Take your post-run chocolate milk up a notch and warm up with some hot chocolate!


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