2022 COURSE maps


Saturday, May 21, 2022: 5K and 10K Maps and turns

5K & 10K  Course Map


Sunday, May 22, 2022: Marathon and Half Marathon turns/links

Half Marathon Course Map

Full Marathon Course Map

start/finish line map

The start and finish line will be at the same location on St. Clair Avenue Northeast and W. Mall Drive (at Mall B). Please see the detailed map below or


Updated 59 2022 Start Finish Map 7

pace charts/street closures

Our pace charts will show the breadown of locations/turns and the time of day that runners will pass by that particular area. Street closures will be "rolling closures". As soon as the last runner passes through the streets will re-open. See full list of closures here.

Full Marathon Pace Chart
Half Marathon Pace Chart
10K Pace Chart
5K Pace Chart

2022 Water and aid Stations 


5K and 10K Course on Saturday, May 21

Water Stop/Location                                     Mile Marker

1. E. 9th and Eriesdie @ Rock Hall                        1
2. Progressive (west side of Ontario).                 2.75/5.11
3. Lorain/Carnegie just west of W. 20th St.        4.15

* Please note, there will be a University Hospitals first aid station at each water stop


Full Marathon and Half Marathon Course on Sunday, May 22

Water Stop # Location Mile Mark(s) Event
1 Euclid and 18th 1.7 Full + Half
2 Rock Hall (E. 9th and Erieside) 3 Full + Half
3 Huron and Ontario 4.5 Full + Half
4 W18th and Smith Court (under the bridge) 6 Full + Half
5 Kenilworth and Wiley 7.5 Full + Half
6 Hooples (1930 Columbus Road) 9.2 Full + Half
7 Harp Restaurant (4408 Detroit Avenue) 10.3/25.2 Full + Half
8 Shoreway @ Westinghouse 24.6/12 FULL ONLY
9 Lake and West Blvd 13.5/23 FULL ONLY
10 Lake and Nicholson 15.2/21.5 FULL ONLY
11 Lake and Maple Cliff 16.6/20 FULL ONLY
12 Lake and Clifton Ave 18/18.7 FULL ONLY
Finish Line     Full + Half

* Please note, there will be a University Hospitals first aid station at each water stop


The Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K courses are certified each year according to USATF standards, using a bike equipped with a calibrated measuring wheel and following the shortest possible route (tangents). Additional distance discrepancies are caused by the actual route run on the course and the accuracy of individual GPS units being used by runners.

Click here to read an article on course certification and the accuracy of GPS measurements.