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Please check back for the Fleet Feet fall training program!


Safety is our number one priority. And if one thing rings true more in 2021 than in any other year prior, it's that the health and safety of all participants will be our number one concern throughout the entire training season. Beyond that, get ready for the most exciting season of Official Cleveland Marathon Training ever. Welcome to 2021.

Safe & Responsible Group Training: A Community Effort

To ensure the safety of all participants, coaches, Fleet Feet Team members and everyone in our larger community, we've worked alongside local medical professionals, The Cleveland Marathon, and other local running groups to put in place a set of group running safety standards that we will all enforce throughout the 2021 season.  These measures are specifically designed to keep runners safe before, during, and after group runs. We will enforce these standards consistently and no execeptions will be made throughout training because your safety is number one.

Social Distance:

The bedrock to COVID-19 safety is social distancing. We encourage all participants to separate themselves into very small groups or wait in vehicles before every run and head directly back to vehicle after. We know post-run socializing is often the fun part of our workouts, however we must accept this to be limited in order to host group running at any level. Frankly, we think it’s a fair trade off for the time being. 

Rolling Start Times:

Every Tuesday evening we will host a complete rolling start with announcements and send-offs every 5 - 10 minutes between 6:30PM and 6:45PM. We will limit each group send-off to no more than 15 people.

Every Saturday morning we will host a complete rolling start with announcements and send offs every 5 - 10 minutes between 8:00AM and 8:15AM. We will limit each group send-off to no more than 15 people.

Masks On:

While not required when running or walking; masks are required before and after every group run, especially when congregating in small groups or in a store. All participants are required to carry a mask with them while running and are encouraged to put on when stopped for water or other mid-run breaks

Contactless Check-In:

Moving away from the scannable keycard, all participants will register and check in and out using the Fitvil. 

Runner Etiquette - Control the Spread and Spread Out:

Participants are asked to limit running or walking in tightly packed single file lines except when necessary due to traffic or sidewalk limitations. Please give other runners and pedestrians a wide clearance and announce yourself and group when passing from behind or crossing head on. No spitting, coughing or sneezing near the group - if you feel the urge, quickly remove yourself from the group (a good technique to practice at any time). In cold weather consider running with a Buff or other face covering for warmth and to prevent the spread of your breath

Water Coolers and Aid:

Self Serve water coolers will be available during runs over 6 miles, however, no single use cups will be provided. Please bring your own water bottle or vest. Hand sanitizer, tissues, and trash bags will also be at every water cooler.

No food will be available at water coolers and we encourage social distancing while stopped at coolers

Healthy Athletes Only:

If you feel sick in any way, stay home or get your workout done solo. Do not risk the health and safety of an entire group.

If you have any question feel free to email our Training Group Coordinator at:

Programs Offered

Virtual Options are Available!

2021 Spring Full and Half Marathon

Whether it's your first half marathon, or if you’ve completed multiple fulls, our programs are designed for you. Fleet Feet Cleveland brings you our Spring 2021 Half & Full Marathon season. We are ready to help you reach your goals, safely get back to training together, and get you across the finish line. Why train alone when you could train with Fleet Feet Cleveland? 

Our More Miles program is designed for those runners with 13.1 or 26.2 as their goal race distances. For Spring 2021, we will be focusing our training on the Cleveland Half and Full Marathon. Group runs will be offered Tuesday evening both East and West side, as well as a combined Saturday run, rotating around scenic parts of Cleveland training areas. Our Spring training program will start the week of January 24th and run through May 16th. 

If you opt for a virtual program please reach out to after registering.



Spring no boundaries

No Boundaries is a 5k or 10k Training Program designed for people who are ready to take on the 5k or 10k distance! Want to run your first 5k? This group is for you! Your first 10k? A 5k PR? We've got you covered! No Boundaries is a ten week training program where you receive a weekly workout schedule and will train as a group twice a week. Your head coach and new friends will make this program a fun challenge! We not only help you build your strength and endurance, but your confidence and knowledge to continue this healthier lifestyle and new hobby. This is a nationally recognized program that is offered at Fleet Feet stores across the country. Thousands of runners and walkers have trained to complete a 5k or 10k through this program. No Boundaries is a year-round program that we offer at Fleet Feet Cleveland and you can participate in one session or several sessions! We have many participants who come back for additional sessions, or "graduate" on to some of our other program offerings. With our program, you too can cross the finish line of a 5k or 10k race and cross the starting line into a brand new life!

If you opt for a virtual program please reach out to after registering.