Featured Runner - Tell Us Your Story 

This month's featured runner is Lilliam Diaz

Lilliam Diaz

My father, Jose Diaz, is a former runner from his native land of Puerto Rico. Throughout our younger years, my Father would train us to run either in the field races or up to "Turkey Marathon" races! Everyone knew Jose Diaz because of how fast his times were and how dedicated to the sport he was!

Now in his sixties, my Father is battling cancer & I have decided to start running again to support him & everyone battling cancer or running for a good cause. I have ran all races except a full marathon & I promised myself to run a full marathon for my Father before he leaves us all! I am very exited to say that my Father will be watching in person when I cross the finish line for this full marathon. In conclusion, I hope everyone reading this truly understands anything in life is possible, with reason. I feel if one finds reason to believe, then no matter what the battle is, one can conquer it!

We thank Lilliam for sharing with us her story, now we invite you to share what does RUNNING mean to YOU?

Why are you running the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K?

Have you had interesting or unusual running experiences in the past? Are you running in honor of someone or something special to you?

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