Featured Runner - Tell Us Your Story 

This month's featured runner is Carla Touville   

Touville story

"I ran my very first marathon in 2014. A few months after completing the marathon,  I found out that I was pregnant. Due to two prior miscarriages and complications with the current pregnancy, I was told I would not be able to continue running until after my delivery. Fast forward 9 months: I had gained 75lbs and had numerous complications during labor, resulting in a series of 6 surgeries and multiple restrictions on physical activity that spanned almost three years. I figured running, especially distance running, would be out of the question for me.  Once I was cleared from all of my restrictions, my sister expressed interest in running her very first 5K. So, the journey began. We did her first 5K, followed by a 10k, and then completed a half marathon. There was only one thing left to do, a marathon of course! So we began our training. On our tenth week of training, my sister fell and broke her arm making her unable to participate in the coming marathon. We were both disappointed at this setback. However, while she healed, I wanted to continue my training and go on to run the marathon. I wanted to show my daughter, who is always watching, that anything is possible, as long as you never give up. I am also a member of Irun4siblings so along with my daughter, and sister, I will also be running for Avery."

 We thank Carla for sharing with us his story, now we invite you to share what does RUNNING mean to YOU?

Why are you running the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K?

Have you had interesting or unusual running experiences in the past? Are you running in honor of someone or something special to you?

Please send us your story via the mail at the address below or fill out the form you see below.  We really appreciate hearing from you. It helps keep us in touch. Your story may be shared with the media, but you will be contacted beforehand in order to give approval. You can submit your story by using the form below or by mail to us, using the address below.

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