Harness Cycle X Soul Yoga | Cross-Training Program

Harness Cycle The Cross-Training Package with Harness Cycle & Soul Yoga is the ultimate training companion designed to optimize your preparation.

*You may purchase the program at the time of registration, or if you are already registered, go to the Cleveland Marathon Store to purchase.

As an official training partner with the Cleveland Marathon, we bring you a comprehensive package at just $175 ($736 value), offering 16 rides at Harness Cycle and 16 sessions at Soul Yoga, both, located in the Historic Vitrolite Building in Ohio City.

Take advantage of the beat-driven, feeling-based rides at Harness Cycle to strengthen your endurance and advance your marathon training by building the stamina needed to conquer the miles ahead.

Switch gears seamlessly with sessions at Soul Yoga, dedicated to recovery, flexibility, and mindfulness. Let the practices of Soul Yoga enhance your overall well-being, ensuring your body is ready for peak performance on race day.

Package Details

● 16 classes at Harness Cycle
● 16 classes at Soul Yoga
● No guest usages
● Credits expire July 1, 2024
● This is a self-paced training program.
     ○ Suggested training program: 1 class at Harness Cycle + 1 class at Soul
        Yoga each week leading up to Marathon Day, May 19th, 2024.

Upon purchase, participants need to create an account with Harness Cycle and Soul Yoga. Once the account has been created, please allow 1-2 business days for your class credits to be added to your account. Confirmation emails will be sent notifying you once credits have been added to both Harness Cycle and Soul Yoga accounts.

Harness Cycle Account Creation
Soul Yoga Account Creation


Contact Info

Harness Cycle
2908 Church Ave, Cleveland

Soul Yoga
2919 Detroit Ave, Cleveland