Ethan Verhoff - 2024 Runner Stories

Starting August of 2022 I started a weight loss journey. At 289 lb I wasn't able to run more than the distance from the couch to the fridge, biking was hard and coming out of a pandemic my morale was at an All Time low. Getting disciplined, eating right and working out. I was able to lose 130 lb by July 2023. I've met so many amazing people in so many local clubs, running, biking and triathlon. Now I'm looking to take the next step pushing further reaching new highs meet new friends and drive forward with purpose. I've got a sub 3:30 goal for my first marathon ever. Even if I don't get my time, I look forward to being surrounded by the people pushing for their own goals, their own reasons, their own purpose on that special May Day.Pxl 20220803 120202876 Collage Ethan Verhoff