Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Tips for Training from University Hospitals

The Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon may have been postponed until the fall, but good training and nutrition is never postponed. Proper fitness techniques, hydration and a healthy diet are alw...
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How To Perfect Your Running Form, Avoid Injury and Improve Your Time

Thinking about getting your running gait analyzed? The term gait analysis is often misused – many people use it to describe how a running shoe specialist evaluates your foot patterns to fit yo...
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Home Conditioning Tips for Runners

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for your next marathon. With a little creativity, you can stay at home without compromising your conditioning. With that in mind,...
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Rite Aid and the Cleveland Marathon – Partners in Giving Back to the Community

For more than 40 years, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon has been bringing people from around the world to Cleveland for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, 5k and related activities. More than 350,000 r...
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I Wanna Be Faster!

I Wanna Be Faster! I have many speedy friends in the running community. On my best day, I am a middle-of-the-pack runner.  What does that mean? Well, if coyotes attack my running group on the trail...
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Pauls Story (2)

50/50: On the Doorstep to Completing a Marathon in all 50 States by the age of 50

Never did I imagine getting a simple postcard in the mail and a chance encounter in the dairy section would lead me on a journey to run a marathon in all 50 states by the age of 50.  Well, that is wha...
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Conquer The Cold So You Can Conquer The Land

You did it. You spent time researching the perfect spring race. You looked for a great course, fantastic crowd support, and “must have” swag. You found it, you put your name in some boxes online, and ...
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Proper Planning Prevents Problems – Getting Ready for Race Day

I always say that proper planning prevents problems. So what can you do now to plan for Marathon weekend? If you are running during the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon weekend as your home course or y...
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5 Tips for Training for Your First Full or Half Marathon

Now that the New Year is here, maybe you decided to set some big goals and register for your first marathon or half. Or, did you just watch Brittany Runs a Marathon and get inspired? Or perhaps you’ve...
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One week to race day! you've put in the miles, well done!  Here's the highlights of what to do and what not to do this week to let food help your performance, not get in the way. Stick to What you...
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