WOW AIR Contest information

UPDATE:  René Stack is the winner of the 2018 Where is WOW contest. Congratulations René!!


To celebrate the partnership with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, WOW air is giving away 2 round-trip tickets!

Here's How to Play

Follow us on Facebook and join in the contest that challenges you to answer the question, "Where is WOW?".  Answer correctly in the comments section of the post and you'll be entered to win 2 Round Trip Tickets.

There are still 3 weeks left to play the WOW air challenge. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and look for our "Where is WOW?" posts and guess correctly. Look for a new Where is WOW? post every Wednesday beginning on August 1st. You may also go back to previous posts to guess the location.

Good Luck!

 Posted on FB 4/27 - London, EnglandLon 28

Posted on FB 5/2 - Dublin, IrelandDub 29

Posted on FB 5/9 - Kirkjufellsfoss, IcelandIs 25

 Posted on FB 8/1 Amsterdam, NLDAms 26

Posted on FB 8/8- Paris, FrancePar

Posted on FB 8/15 - Frankfurt, GermanyFra 30

* Answers will be revealed once the contest ends. Have fun!!
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