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Pace Teams by Second Sole

The Cleveland Marathon Pace Teams are brought to you by Second Sole in Rocky River, Ohio. Our goal is to provide you with support and motivation from the starting line to the finish.


About the Pace Team

Pace Leader Profile:
The pace team leaders are comprised of veteran marathon runners.  The pacers bring a broad range of racing experiences to assist you in completing your goal.  You can stop by the pace team booth at the race expo to meet some of the pacers and ask questions.

Pace Group Times:
Pace groups will be offered for the following finish times in the marathon:  3:00, 3:05, 3:10, 3:15, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45, 3:55, 4:00, 4:10, 4:25, 4:40, 4:55, 5:10, 5:25.

Signing up for the pace teams:
There is no fee to join the pace teams and you don’t need to formally sign up. You can come by the pace team booth at the expo to get a pace team race number bib for you to wear on your back, which helps the pace team leaders identify you on the course.

Pacing strategy:
The goal of the pacer is to run even splits or about the same pace each mile. It can take a few miles to get on target due to the start line. Each pacer may adjust the pace plan slightly to account for variations in the terrain.  You can ask your pacer about their race plan. You are encouraged to run/walk your own race strategy and use the pace team leader as a guide and resource on the course. However, many competitors find it helpful to stay in a pack, which tends to create a motivating bond on the course and forward momentum.

Most of the pacers will run through the water stops while slowing down their pace to hydrate. Some pacers targeting finish times over 4:15 may decide to walk the water stops. Please ask your pace leader about their race plan. If you typically take walk breaks in training, you are encouraged to maintain the same routines on race day. You don’t have to remain with the pace team the entire race. You can always slow down or speed up to the next pace group depending on the type of day you are having. Be realistic with the time you set for yourself.

Finding the pace teams on race day:
The pace team leaders will be meeting near the start line (exact location TBD). You are welcome to come meet your pacer then and walk over to the start line with them. Or, you can find your pacer at the start line about 15 minutes prior to the race (6:45 AM). Pacers will be wearing pace leader shirts and holding a sign indicating their goal finish time. The teams will be lined up on the left side of the road (your left if standing in the pack and looking at the start line). Many of the pace teams have more than one pacer or have a relay team pacing. Your leader will inform you if they are exchanging with a co-pace leader at the half way mark of the marathon.

We hope you enjoy your race and reach your goals!

Please contact Kara Kelly at kkelly262@yahoo.com if you have further questions about the pace teams or about picking a time goal for race day. Additional information about The Second Sole Training Group in Rocky River is located on our web site at www.2ndsole.com.

The Cleveland Marathon is a Boston Qualifier!

Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon is CLOSED

The qualification window for the 2017 Boston Marathon began on Saturday, September 19, 2015, and will remain open until the conclusion of registration for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Visit the B.A.A. website for qualifying standards.

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