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2018 Sponsor Packet Cover Sheet Only

Thank you for your interest in a sponsorship with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Being a sponsor for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is an excellent, affordable way to connect with thousands of participants, spectators, volunteers and Cleveland residents. Our sponsorship program offers a variety of benefits, and we will work exclusively with you to tailor a program that meets your organization's marketing goals, objectives and budgetary needs. We invite you to become a part or our team and enjoy the long-term benefits of being part of this long-standing Cleveland tradition.

Download and view/print our 2018 Sponsorship Packet

Benefits vary based on the sponsorship level selected and could include the following:

  • Insert in igiftbag (electronic goody bag) - see below
  • Exhibitor Booth at our Health and Fitness Expo
  • Sponsor level recognition and signage at the Health & Fitness Expo
  • Announcer recognition through the Health & Fitness Expo and on Race Day
  • Tickets to pre-race VIP Party 
  • Tickets to VIP Brunch
  • Race-of-choice vouchers for free individual runner 
  • Logo placement on Cleveland Marathon website
  • Logo placement on course signage
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter)

 *Please note: this is only a partial list of available benefits.


Join our electronic goody bag program - the igiftbag!

Igiftbag Header Lg Logo

Our igiftbag is a fun and easy way to get your brand in front of 15,000+ participants, VIPs, sponsors and volunteers and drive people to your business, not to mention be a part of a great Cleveland tradition.

How our igiftbag is launched….

You create a compelling gift - deal, discount, giveaway, expert download, freebie, among others — using igiftbag’s Gift tools for distribution to our database of 15,000+.

Prior to race weekend, will send our digital igiftbag via email invite for all to click, open and activate periodically during the campaign.

After the race, you may view your gift's performance results on your igiftbag Sponsors Results dashboard.

Who can join?

New and established businesses can benefit. Whether you are introducing your brand to consumers, trying to increase awareness or simply trying to support the community, you would be a perfect fit!

How much?

For Standard Placement in the bag, the cost is $250. There are special non-profit rates, so please inquire!

Next Step?

Contact us directly to save your spot and get signed up.

info@clevelandmarathon.com; Subject line: igiftbag



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