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Get Fit, Flexible and Stay on Track this Winter

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Runners know all too well the effects winter months have on their fitness levels. Shorter days, bitter temps and holiday gluttony take a serious toll on our mood and conditioning.

The Cleveland Marathon has partnered with the Whole Life Challenge to help our participants battle these winter effects and start 2018 on the right foot. By joining the Cleveland Marathon Whole Life Challenge Team you can get a head start on your training for our event or reach any fitness goal by the spring.

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The Whole Life Challenge is a six-week, habit-changing game that encourages you to create a fitter, happier, healthier lifestyle. Playing alongside your teammates via mobile or desktop, you’ll score points for following seven key habits of health and well-being. Your efforts will be aided by daily videos, articles and guidelines, and after 6 weeks, you’ll leave with a lasting (and positive) effect on your fitness, mindset and daily relationship with life.

Why Join?

The Challenge’s 7 key practices will support your winter training and leave you fitter, faster and more flexible than you’ve ever been:


Nutrition- Three levels of nutrition provide guidance on which foods to eat and which ones to avoid so that you can get lean and fuel your performance effectively.

Fitness- Daily activity targets, recommended workouts and regular inspiration along the way will keep your training on track.

Mobility- 10-minutes of daily flexibility work will enhance your range of motion, fix muscle imbalances, improve your running form and help overcome nagging aches and pains.

Sleep- Sleep is one of the biggest components of performance and wellbeing, yet none of us get enough. Focus on improved sleep habits to take regeneration and recovery into overdrive.

Hydration- Make sure you’re hitting your target fluid intake to ensure you’re hydrated all day, every day.

Reflection- Take a moment at the end of each day to reflect on the past 24 hours and set your intentions for the following day.

Lifestyle- Each weekly lifestyle practice will challenge you to improve yourself through deep thought, kind actions or small behavior changes in an effort to help you cherish what is truly important.

And perhaps the best reason to join now? You’ll save 25% if you register before January 3.

We hope that you join our team and take the challenge with us this January!


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