2018 registration FAQs and changes                                                            

REgistration FAQs

How do I CONFIRM my registration?

How can I Switch Events?

How do I TRANSFER my registration to another person if I cannot run?

How do I Switch Teams if I signed up for the wrong one?

Can I add a training T-Shirt or VIP Package to my order?
Yes, CLICK HERE for instructions.


 Don't see your question here?  Please email us at info@clevelandmarathon.com

*Sorry there are no refunds or deferrals to future events


Registration Edits and Changes

Types of Changes Permitted

  1. Personal Information - If you need any of the following information updated, please email us at info@clevelandmarathon.com:
    • Address change
    • T-shirt size
    • Name change
    • Estimated finish time
    • Name on bib

  2. Change Events - You may change events prior to 4/27/2018. There is a fee of $20 to change events, plus the difference in event fees if you are switching to a more expensive event. If you are switching to a less expensive event, there is no refund. Instructions to change events are as follows:
    • Log in to events.com
    • Wait for your MY EVENTS tab to load
    • Find the Event Registration Tab you wish to manage and select MANAGE EVENT
    • Find the registration/ticket that you would like to change. Select Manage Registration and Change Registration/Ticket
    • Next, you will be able to select the new category you want. Select the one you want and Continue
    • You will now need to complete the information required by the organizer for the new category.
    • Any Required Items from your previous entry will also be cancelled and require addition to your new order.
    • To finalize the change, you will be credited the amount previously paid, and, if there is a balance owing, you will need to complete payment.

Submit Order and voilà you're all set! You will receive a confirmation email and be able to manage the new registration category


3.  Transfer to Another Person - You may transfer to another person until April 27, 2018. There is a fee of $20 to transfer your registration. The transfer recipient will be charged the fee.

    • Log in to your Events.com account. If you don't have an account, select SIGN UP and use the same email as listed on your registration.
    • Click on YOU in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select MY EVENTS on the left of the page. 
    • Find the event you are attending and click on MANAGE EVENT.
    • Find the person’s name that you want to transfer the registration from.
    • Select MANGE REGISTRATION then Transfer Registration.
    • Enter the person’s Email Address you would like to transfer the registration to and click SEND TRANSFER. If there is a transfer fee there will be a notice under the email field - "The transfer recipient will be charged an additional fee for the transfer."
    • You will see that under the person’s registration number, it will now read, PENDING TRANSFER in the order. This will confirm that your transfer request was sent out.
    • An email has been sent to the person you are transferring the registration to, and you will also receive a copy of the email. Once the person has accepted the transfer you will see a CANCELLED date and the text "TRANSFERRED".