2020 COURSE info

5K and 10K Maps, turns and pace charts- SATURDAY, mAY 16, 2020 AT 7:30 A.M.

5K and 10K Course Map and Turn-by-Turns

5K Pace Chart

10K Pace Chart


Marathon and Half Marathon maps, turns and pace charts - Sunday, May 17 at 7:00 a.m.

Full and Half Marathon Course Map

Full and Half Marathon Turn-by-Turns

Full and Half Marathon Pace Chart



2020 Course Elevation - coming soon




2020 Water and aid Stations 

5K and 10K Course on Saturday, May 16

1. Erieside across from The Science Center Wind Turbine

2. East 12th and St. Clair

3. W. 26th and Detroit Avenue (runners pass by 2x)

* Please note, there will be a University Hospitals first aid station at each water stop and a full medical tent at Water Station #9/14


Full Marathon and Half Marathon Course on Sunday, May 17

 1. St. Clair and E. 13th Street, Cleveland - 1.7 miles
     Marathon and Half Marathon

2. 1295 Old River Road, Cleveland - 3.4 miles
    Marathon and Half Marathon

3. Canal Road (before tunnel/behind Tower City)- 5.3 miles
     Marathon and Half Marathon

4. Professor and Jefferson -Tremont– 7.3 Miles
     Marathon and Half Marathon

5. W. 19th Street and Abbey - 9 miles
      Marathon and Half Marathon
    *Gel and Weather Flags

6.  6212 Franklin Blvd – 10.6 miles
    Marathon and Half Marathon

7. 9106 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland – miles 11.8 miles

8/15. 11810 Lake Avenue – 13.8 and 21.5 miles
   *Weather Flags

9/14. Lakewood Park (Lake Ave. and Belle) – 14.8 and 21 miles
    Full Medical Tent

10/13. 17818 Lake – 15.9 and 19.5 miles
   *GEL, Weather Flags

11/12. 19546 Lake Road, Rocky River – 17 & 18.4 miles

16. West Blvd & Edgewater, Cleveland -  22.7 miles

 17. 6105 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland
     24.5 Marathon and 11 Half Marathon

18. Detroit Avenue @ W.28th Street, Cleveland
     25.1 Marathon; 12 Half Marathon


* Please note, there will be a University Hospitals first aid station at each water stop and a full medical tent at Water Station #9/14



The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and 10K courses are certified each year according to USATF standards, using a bike equipped with a calibrated measuring wheel and following the shortest possible route (tangents). Additional distance discrepancies are caused by the actual route run on the course and the accuracy of individual GPS units being used by runners.

The Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon course has never been certified since its inception in 2005, nor has it been advertised as such. However, it is measured repeatedly to be as close to 13.1 as possible.

Click here to read an article on course certification and the accuracy of GPS measurements.

start/finish line maps

2020 Map Start Finish Line 2 28 20 2 Copy


 Please note: Bags and backpacks are strongly discouraged at the Start/Finish areas on race day. For participants, clear gear check bags will be provided and those must be used for gear check on race day. Spectators are asked to travel lightly as well. Those with diaper bags, purses and other items should note that their bags could be searched in the vicinity of the start and finish lines. Any unattended bags are subject to search and removal from the premises.


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