Sponsor Opportunities

Get in front of thousands of devoted runners

2017 Sponsor Packet Cover Sheet OnlyThank you for your interest in a sponsorship with the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Being a sponsor for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is an excellent, affordable way to connect with thousands of participants, spectators, volunteers and Cleveland residents. Our sponsorship program offers a variety of benefits, and we will work exclusively with you to tailor a program that meets your organization's marketing goals, objectives and budgetary needs. We invite you to become a part or our team and enjoy the long-term benefits of being part of this long-standing Cleveland tradition.

Download, print or view our 2017 Sponsor Packet here.

Benefits vary based on the sponsorship level selected and could include the following: 

  • Exhibitor Booth at our Health and Fitness Expo
  • Sponsor level recognition and signage at the Health & Fitness Expo
  • Insert in Virtual or Physical Goodie Bag 
  • Announcer recognition through the Health & Fitness Expo and on Race Day
  • Tickets to pre-race VIP Party 
  • Tickets to VIP Brunch
  • Race-of-choice vouchers for free individual runner 
  • Right to use race name and logo in advertising 
  • Sponsor named in all news media communications 
  • Category exclusivity
  • Logo placement on Cleveland Marathon website
  • Logo placement on course signage
  • 30-second video commercial on the CMI website (sponsor-supplied) 
  • Sponsor mention in runner email distributed through e-newsletter (75K) 
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter)

*Please note: this is only a partial list of available benefits.

 Sponsor Inquiries:

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