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Registration Changes

Switch Events, Transfer Bib, Edit Personal Information

The deadline for self-editing in Active was April 15th, however you may make the following changes to your registration at the Solutions Desk at the Health and Fitness Expo on Friday or Saturday. If you have questions prior to the Expo, please contact us at info@clevelandmarathon.com


Please pick up your bib and go to the Solutions Desk. You may submit a CHANGE FORM and your information will be updated.


Please review the following instructions. There is a $20 fee to switch events.

1) Pick up your original bib at the Health and Fitness Expo.
2) Complete a new registration form and bring it, along with your bib to the Solutions Desk.
3) Pay $20 Switch Event Fee (Cash or Check Only) NOTE: Switching will ONLY take place if the event you are switching into is not sold out. NOTE: If you are switching up, you will also be required to pay the difference in event pricing fees plus $20 switch fee. No refunds if you are switching down in events, just the $20 switch fee. (Cash or Check Only.


Please review the following instructions.

1) Please complete the Registration Transfer Consent Form (EXPO ONLY), allowing the new person to take your spot.
2) Provide a copy of your photo ID to the new person so they can pick up your bib when they arrive at the Expo.
3) Please note: You will not receive a refund. Financial arrangements should be made between you and new registrant.


Existing runner does not need to be present with you at the Expo.
Transfer must be for the same event as existing registrant.

Here are the items you will need when you go to the EXPO:
1) Signed CONSENT FORM from existing registrant.
2) Copy of photo ID from existing registrant. (Drivers License, a photo copy, or image on your cell phone is fine)
3) Completed Registration Form for yourself.
4) $20 to pay Transfer Fee. (Cash or Check Only)

NEXT STEPS When you arrive at the Expo, you will need to pick up the bib of the person you are replacing (this is where you will need their ID). Bring the bib, the signed CONSENT FORM and your new registration form to the SOLUTIONS DESK. You will be issued a new bib and the person you replace will be removed from the system.







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